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Children & Youth Prevention Empowerment Network

A Division of Zion Education Center, Inc.

The Children & Youth Prevention – Empowerment Network (CYPEN) is a strategic solution-based approach to addressing traumatic childhood experiences that lead to adverse childhood memories and long-term emotional trauma.

Our goal is to create a network of crisis response teams to support young children whose families have been specifically affected by the heroin/opioid epidemic, homelessness, sexual abuse, violent crimes, incarceration, and truancy.

"Traumatic childhood experiences has resulted in generations of despair. Together, we can change these outcomes with a solution-driven community model that coordinates services, reestablish trust, rebuild safe spaces, and renew stability in the midst of a crisis."

- Dr. April L. Torrence

Crisis Response Network

The network of crisis response teams consists of educators, mental health workers, and faith-based leaders who are committed to supporting children and adolescents through counseling, mentoring, and social interactions.


Weekly team meetings present case management plans and identify service gaps using client assessment software designed by Community Arts Experience, Inc.


Families with children ages 0 to 15 receive supportive services that target the following:


       • Trust                   • Confidence

       • Will                     • Social Relationships

       • Hope                  • Fidelity

       • Purpose


Students, ages 16 to 24 will focus on the following:


       • Purpose            • Resilience

       • Vocation           • Self-Sufficiency

       • Skill


If you would like to join our efforts, please complete the online application by clicking the sign up button below:


Zion Education Center, Inc. | CYPEN

602 Roemer Blvd., Farrell, PA 16121  |  Tel: (724) 704-0484

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